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Well, looks like TITS is back up and running. Why the long wait for some new stuff, you ask? I'd blame Swiss foreign policy, but thats a long story, what with the gypsies, that bout of plague, and the Raelians and all. So all you need to know is that the comic is going to be up Mondays and Thursdays now, until further notice or random change. Tell your friends, neighbors, strangers, delusional homeless, congressmen, and even those who don't have an Internet connection (i.e. Amish cousins) to swing by and take a look. We'll be here until we leave, that's a guarantee. Later. - Steve

Well TITS is back, nice warm, friendly, inviting TITS. So you may ask yourself "Why did you bastards leave me!! You were my everything!" And if you didn't, well obviously you've been depriving yourself from what the Surgeon general calls "Highly Addictive and very pleasing." Steve and I decided to take a break. No, not because we were stressed or tired or anything. God no. We are just lazy bastards, as you may have noticed. Anywho it's been over a year since we stopped TITS, and alot has happened in that time. No, wait a second, almost nothing has happened. I still play Dark Age of Camelot, I am still single...Bah! On a lighter note, both Steve and I have jobs, and Steve is finally at school, although they stole his bike twice. Word to the wise, don't go to Miami-Dade Community College. Also, the closest thing we have to women are those females who tease us with the prospect of a relationship, only to snatch it away. Good Times. Welcome back to TITS. Jovanni, out.


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